“She really did a number on him didn’t she,” said Durgzak.

“Yes. Sir really loved her. Did you know he bought her a ring before she left him?” said X-ray his synthetic voice resonating quietly from the bulky, square Oregothian interface on Durgzaks forearm.

“He never mentioned it. Don’t think he would either. The man has too much pride for his own good,” said Durgzak in what he thought was a whisper.

“I’m right here y’all. I can hear every word you both are sayin’,” said Mason groaning as he pushed himself up to a sitting position.

“Oh, well then,” said Durgzak blushing.

Mason shook his head. The firm set of his jaw the only clear evidence of the annoyance he felt from having been talked about. On Dugzak’s face he could see a broad smile appear. Mason let out a twinge inducing laugh at his friend’s tusk revealing grin. Even X-ray managed a harsh metallic laugh that sent both men scrambling to cover their ears.

“So you don’t mind being talked about?” said Durgzak shaking his head as his laugh grew louder.

Before Mason could speak, he heard X-ray exclaim; “Flenbart!”

“Flenbart?” said both men in unison with confusion written on their faces.

Mason and Durgzak looked towards the speaker set into the corner of a white painted wall. The laughter spilling from their lips echoed loudly through the sterile room. Mason looked at Durgzak and shrugged while at the door the guards struggled to hide laughs of their own. 

“What’s a flenbart?” asked Durgzak.

“Wish I knew, gotta be somethin’ serious or he wouldn’t be sayin’ it,” said Mason wincing from the toll laughing was taking on his wounds.

“Mason!” screamed Jessica appearing in the doorway between the two guards.

“Sir, she is what I was talking about,” said X-ray.

“Seems like a hell of a thing to be flenbarting about,” said Durgzak before looking around the room to see his attempt at levity had failed.

Mason turned to stare at Jessica with tears hanging in his eyes. At the door, the two Rangers stood side-by-side barring her entry. He wiped the tears threatening to spill from his deep-set hazel eyes as Durgzak hurried to put himself between the bed and Jessica. Amid the confusion, he could hear Jessica sobbing quietly in the hallway.

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