A beep from the large, wide machine set into the wall brought his attention snapping solely to the lid covered bin where the clothes would soon be dropped into. Yates shuffled the clothes to one hand while with the other he raised the lid. Once more his eyes darted from side-to-side. To his relief, not a single inhabitant was to be seen. With the smile still plastered on his face, he dropped the only evidence linking him to the woman into the redistributor. A heavy sigh escaped his lips when the machine’s atomic counter began to rise with the breaking down of the attire. Five thousand and I can make a uniform. Keeps rising like that and I should have enough to make a couple counterfeit cred chips as well. His thoughts brought a quiet chuckle resonating from his lips at the mental image of some shopkeeper’s anger from being taken for a few thousand creds worth of goods. If things went well, he would be long gone before the fool figured out what happened.

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Veteran and all around good ole cowboy

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