Synth War

Machines built for war and peace begin to gather.  Their aim, to achieve the same rights as humans.  Faced with a new ice age and failing communication between the remaining city states of the old union, the threat goes largely unheeded.  Only a few cities know of the threat posed by the synth’s.  One of those, Illinois is determined to stop it before this new enemy can become organized.  Only one thing stands in their way.  The need to find a new place where the city state can survive the snow threatening to bury it beneath two miles of ice.  That is where Sergeant Rellan Tiberius Marion comes in.  As leader of the vaunted Shadow Wolf squad, it is his job to find out where the synths are establishing their base and put an end to them once and for all.

Finding them is easy.  Killing them even easier.  Dealing with his conscience is something else entirely.  Will he be able to go through with murdering those whose only aim is to be recognized as equal to those who created them?  Or will his conscience stop him?  What will become of those humans who side with the synths?

Published by gunfighterfiction

Veteran and all around good ole cowboy

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