Warrior holding his great sword

HUMANS:  Unrestricted by climate they are the most diverse and wide spread race.  They are the only race which can boast an impressive army of zealots called Repenters.  Two continents hold the majority of the race.  One is known commonly as the United Empire of Alleria while the second is known commonly as the Shattered Kingdom.

UEA- Made up of 20 small fiefdoms with each having sworn fealty to the Emperor.  Wars between the fiefdoms is common as are rivalries and assassinations.  Even the King is not immune from the treachery and wars of the lesser nobles.  Throughout its history, various Emperors have enlisted the aid of assassins.  To keep his reign secure it is common for rulers to encourage rivalries between differing factions.  Being warlike has given the UEA a high level of combat experience more so than the Outcast Tribes who are frequent raiders along the Eastern and Southern borders.                                                    UEA Army:  A high number of knights with few standing soldiers ready for war.  Those who are enlisted into a standing force serve specific roles with very few instances of cross training.  Only one force differs from the rest.  The Shadow Warriors of the Neria.

Shattered Kingdom:  It is not a kingdom in the traditional sense but a series of small kingdoms all sharing a common continent and enemy.  The Kingdoms are plagued by problems both from within their boundaries and without.  Vampires feed on the human populations with two of the Kingdoms actually controlled by Vampire Kings who use unfed on puppets to represent them to the other Kingdoms.  If the Vampire Kings are found out the others will unite to root out every last one of the blood suckers.  Each is autonomous except when it comes to their shared enemy the Undead forces of the Lich.  When an Undead horde emerges from their ice choked caverns the Kingdoms unite to drive them back.  The last horde to emerge was more than two centuries ago during the time of the Crusaders.  The Kingdoms all share a common religion and monetary system administered by the clerical arm of the Repenters.   Repenters are highly active in the Kingdoms where they established a stronghold just outside the boundaries of the Icelands.                                                                                                                                                    Shattered Kingdom Army:  Boasting a large force of warrior priests and plate wearing Repenters the Kingdoms are the bane of most other races.  The majority of troops wear thick leather and chain armor which covers all the vulnerable spots a vampire or half rotten zombie could use to infect them.  Ranged weaponry is the most common form of warfare with pikemen making up the remainder of the forces.



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