CAME UP WITH A DESIGN FOR SOME TOURNAMENTS TO BE HELD IN THE FANTASY WORLD. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think.

The Kings Games “where princes become paupers and paupers become princes”:

Founded in the later part of the great departure, the games were the only way for the Kings of the Realms to know for certain who had the best army without going to war. Later it became a way of settling land disputes and trade wars as well. During the games, Kings gamble freely with both their wealth and lands.
The games are held once a year and all walks of life are allowed to attend and bet.
Day 1: Wrestling, archery (mounted and dismounted)
Day 2: Spear throwing for distance, individual melee
Day 3: Team melee, horsemanship
Day 4: Jousting
Day 5: Banquet for all classes and crowning of the tournament champion.

After each event prizes are given away to the winner. For the joust it consists of the defeated knights armor and horse being given to the winner who could then ransom it back to the loser. For the other events prizes were given out which include either a predetermined amount of silvers or a weapon.

Rules are determined at the Council of Kings and it is the responsibility of each King to ensure they are followed by his subordinates.

During these events those attending are expected to dress in their finest attire.

So far this is all I have on the issue. If you have any ideas of how to improve it please feel free to leave a comment. I read everything left and appreciate it all… even the bad.

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