5 story lines to choose from. Not sure which one to pick. Leave a comment and vote on which one you’d like to see written.

Story line 1:  Mason Lecroix travels to the planet Laredo in search of outlaw William Yates.  After a fellow Ranger is murdered by rustlers after his cattle, Mason is dragged into a web of vengeance and betrayal as a range war threatens to engulf the planet.

Story line 2:  Mason Lecroix goes to the planet Red Rock for a second time to see Jessica only to find out she is pregnant with his child.  She is unsure about him as a father, or whether her child would be safe with him as a father.  The new Governor is assassinated and Mason is framed for the crime.  Outlaw William Yates reappears and seats himself as the new governor with a Ranger of his own beside him.  A Velothian operative sees Mason as a means to releasing a group of POW’s forced to work the mines.  All he wants is to suffer Jessica’s loss in peace.

Story line 3 (Fantasy):  Aleric is taken prisoner by a band of pirates hired by a mage who is the guardian of an elvish princess Aleric was hired to protect.  Rosos Hauke saves a Crusader from a band of Xualong lizard-men who are intent on taking control of the Northern lands.  They are being prodded on by the princess’ guardian.  Rurinek the rogue is sent to investigate the strange silence coming from the Northern border fortress after he is found in bed with the King’s daughter.  With a Captain as his guard it is a struggle for survival against both the Captain and the Xualong army who holds the key to his freedom.  To save his reputation Aleric must escape the pirates and rescue the princess from her sadistic guardian.  Rosos must team up with a Crusader who wants to see him dead and seek help from the nearby King who happens to be his cousin but who also wants him dead in order to stop the invasion from killing all those in its path.

Story line 4:  Jake McGraw is a squad leader who after surviving an ambush must find a way through 700 miles of enemy lines to hand over the vital intelligence stolen in the raid.  He must fight through an entire nation who hates him along with an army searching relentlessly to capture him.  When he reaches the outlying town of Three Rivers things only become more complicated.  Between an overbearing mayor intent on garnering favor with which ever sides looks like it might win, and bounty hunters hot on his trail, things look bleak for Jake to ever see his wife again.  At last he returns home only to find his wife has left him and someone high up in the chain of command is in league with the enemy.  Only the help of his surviving squad members can Jake hope to expose the corrupt general and save his nation.

Story line 5:  Mason Lecroix returns home undercover to track down his long lost brother who is wanted for murder and racketeering.  He finds much more once he reaches Argos 3.  An old friend seeks his help to find a missing daughter, while he discovers the love of his life Catherine is married to his brother.  His step-father is a high ranking member of the governing council while his step-brother runs a profitable, if not entirely illegal, protection company.  Mason soon discovers all hands are dipping in the criminal cesspool of drugs, slavery, and eliminating the competition for criminal kingpin.  (This is still a work in progress as far as story line)

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