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Granton, capital of Berenia, and one place the man calling himself Jake Mcgraw knew better than to venture too.  After having been born and raised in the pyramid city, he’d been forced to slip out in the dead of the night. That was ten years ago.  Yet still a bounty remained for the man he used to be. While twenty years was a long time to be away from what folks called a hometown.  For him, it wasn’t long enough by far.

He didn’t wander into the den of snakes out of longing.  Only to find out what happened to several neighbors who’s sole commonality was a final trip through the city’s gates.  Several men and one woman found their way into the place. Whether by choice or not didn’t much matter. All but one was known for a bad habit only the lower levels of a big city could provide.  

Walking broad filth strewn avenues he saw more than a few places where he could start looking.  Brothels, bars and dancing halls of every stripe lined both sides of the street. They were the best places he knew to find trouble.  Having been there a few times in his youth. Before he met the woman of the man he’d killed. For a brief spell the city considered him a hero.  That was in the past. Now they’d hang him as soon as acknowledge he still lived. A black stain on their fragile pride as it were.

In the darkness between buildings, he noticed the remains of a few shattered illumstrips.  He held little doubt that whoever broke them was waiting just inside the shadows for a mark to walk by.   Brushing a hand over his red goatee, he stared hard into one such shadow. Having both his green t-shirt and tattered jeans covered in more dust than any man had a right too, most folks wouldn’t think he had money.  More times than not they’d be right. This time was different. Made so by the generous donations given to him by the kindly townsfolk of New Bluff.

They called him a hired gun.  A man who got paid well to settle other folk’s problems.  It was about the only kind of profession a man with his background could do for more than a season.  He’d met a few others like himself. Never without consequences. One or the other always wound up in the ground.  So far it hadn’t been him. That was bound to change.

Maybe that was the reason for his sudden change of heart to take on a job he’d rather give to some other idiot.  Or maybe it was the teary-eyed blonde who’d disappeared right after a night in his arms. Either way. The time for turning back was long past gone.  All he could do was ride it out and hope to keep his neck from getting stretched in the process.



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