Meet Lecroix, a man with a badge and the courage to use it.

As a kid growing up on Argos 3, he’d been forced to watch as scumbags prospered off the misery of others.  Now he was a Ranger, with a badge, and the courage to use it to deal out death and justice to those who’d never find it any other way.  The worst one was his step-father.  A low-down snake of a man who bought the law, and made those around him suffer for having the bad luck of knowing him. 

More than anything he wanted to go home and finish what he started more than a few years ago.  Back then, he’d let the bastard live.  The next time they met, he wouldn’t be making the same mistake.  He’d put men in the ground for doing less than that particular snake had done.  For killing his mother, the man deserved a fate worse than death.  Yet the last he’d heard, the man had become a rich member of the planetary council with a rebuilt empire of corruption and misery.  After Lance and Elona were safe, Argos 3 would be his next stop.  Justice was long past due for the bastard who’d put his mother in the ground.

Published by gunfighterfiction

Veteran and all around good ole cowboy

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