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With an annoyed grimace on his face, Mason strolled into the sheriff’s office.  It didn’t help much that Elona was a step behind him.  She was the last person he wanted to be in a place like that.  Too soft to be anything other than a haughty business woman, the catcalls and smell of depression were sure to come as a shock.  All he could do was hope she could hold it together, until he got to the bottom of the mess Lance had gotten himself into.   He’d gotten the call at six, and since that time, she’d been nothing but insistent on coming along.  There were better things he wanted to do, besides look in on a beaten-up Lance.  Somehow, the kid couldn’t manage to keep himself out of trouble.  Pulling the kid out of bad situations was getting to be a bad habit he was more than willing to kick. 

On a large vid screen across from the door, Mason saw a newscaster spewing what was about as far from the truth as they could get.  No matter what hellish place he found himself on, the news casters always seemed to talk bad about his people.  Apparently, the war wasn’t going exactly the way the Terrans were wanting.  So instead of just making peace, they resorted to turning the galaxy against his people.  Wouldn’t be the first time they did that.  Probably not the last either.  It was almost enough to make him want to join the war, and beat the snakes back to Earth.  The image of burned settlement stirred more than his anger as the newscaster rattled on about a Terran colony being sacked by Velothian allied pirates.

Even from the few images he saw, he knew it for the lie it was.  Only the Terrans kept weapons that did so much collateral damage.  That wouldn’t matter to the weak minded among the population though.  He knew they’d be all too willing to swallow whatever crap the news vids spewed out.  A gasp from behind him told him Elona was one such person.  Too nieve to know any better, she was quick to believe the worst.  It probably didn’t help much that her own people had lost a war to a combined force of Oregoth and Velothians less than a decade ago.  During that war, things had gotten rather bloody, with more worlds lost to her people than any others.

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