LECROIX: RED ROCK Part 1 mini-preview


The smell of stale beer and despair wafted through the doorway, making him wonder if this was really a place he wanted to be.  His answer came a second later, when he noticed the only other occupants were a group of about ten men.  For some reason they all seemed to be wearing the same type of blue three-piece suit, and all hanging around the holo tables near the back.   Their rough, scarred appearances were a far cry from the usual types he saw wearing suits.  To him, they more resembled some of the hired thugs he’d seen working for lowlife bosses.


A gorgeous blonde haired woman, with a thin waist and pleasantly sized breasts, stood behind a long wooden counter near the back wall.  He could tell she was bored just by the way she lazily wiped down the counter, and rolled her eyes every time she glanced towards the men in the back.  Whatever was going on, he wasn’t sure he wanted to get involved.  It all gave him a bad feeling about the place. 


Between the woman, and would-be thugs, there’d be trouble.  At the moment, his only desire was a drink and a place to wait out the storm.  For those, the place was perfect.  As for the rest, he’d just have to take it as it came, and hope he didn’t need the small pulse pistol hidden in the small of his back.


With a tip of his hat in greeting, he sauntered towards the bar.  He could have sworn there was a twinkle in her eye when she smiled at him.  She had the kind of looks that drove men to get stupid.  More times than not, it tended to a violent brand of stupid.  There was only one way to find out.  Plus, it was also the only way he could get a drink. 


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