Cowboy Wisdom: Ain’t no use in being who the world wants you to be. Better just to be yourself.

Let me start off this week with a tad bit of a story.  Now ya’ll know I’m a writer.  Well, that’s where our story begins.  You see a few months ago I joined a writer’s group.  They critiqued some of my work, and I took their lessons to heart.  Since I figured they knew more about writing than I did.  Didn’t turn out that well actually.  I started writing the way they wanted and before long LECROIX had lost it’s western roots.  Found that out the hard way when they critiqued one of the new episodes.  Anyway, I went back to my western style, because I decided I needed to just do my own thing.

That’s what this week is about.  Just being yourself.  It doesn’t matter what the world says about you.  It only matters what you say about you.  The world will always try to make you what they want you to be.  That doesn’t seem to be a very good way to live.  In fact, it seems downright miserable.  Why don’t we try a change and just be ourselves.  You might find out your a lot happier that way.  It seems from birth people try to tell everyone how to live, what to wear, what to say, everything important for growing up right.  Too bad it doesn’t stop there.  Even into adulthood people still want to tell you how to do things.  What to wear, or more specifically what not to wear.  Who to like, who to love.  Those things don’t much matter.  If your a woman who wants to love a woman I ain’t really seeing a problem with it.  Or if you happen to be a man who is in love with a man it’s ok.  Age, race, nothing matters except that you are in love and happy.  Those are the most important aspects to life.  One of the tougher ones to do is about transgenders.  Now most folks take one look at me and think I’d be kinda judgy towards them.  That ain’t the way to live.  In my opinion, if you want to be a woman, go for it.  If you want to be a man, go for it.

Point is, just be true to yourself, but at the same time, let others be themselves as well.  Don’t try to push people into believing what you do.  Not everyone will.  If you don’t want anyone telling you how to live, then don’t be telling anyone else how to either.  In essence everything goes back to treating others how you want to be treated, and not letting folks tell you how to live.  Well, I think I will jump off my soap box now.  You know I get kinda long winded.

This is Gunfighterfiction signing off, ya’ll be happy and just be yourself this week.  I’m looking forward to reading and hearing how it goes.  As always, have a great week, and God Bless ya’ll.

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Veteran and all around good ole cowboy

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