Episode 5 Chapter 5 preview

I hope you all enjoy this little segment.  Should give a good look at where things are headed for our gun-fighting Ranger.


It had been a hell of a few days.  The rations that had seemed so full the day before, were now dangerously low.  To make matters worse, every place he had marked on his interface was empty.  Every place but one, and that loomed far in the distance.  Mason could see the faintest outline of the buildings standing black against the rising sun.  It was the perfect place for an ambush.  He knew the only way to enter the town without riding into an ambush was to wait for nightfall. 


He grimaced at the thought.  What few rations remained, wouldn’t last long enough for him to wait till dark, and get back to New Beginnings.  It was one, or the other.  If it was an ambush, his attackers were sure to have rations.  It was a big if.  Without seeing any ships in the sky, he wasn’t even sure there was anyone in the damned place.  The city was just the best place for an ambush, not to mention the only place for at least a hundred miles, where a man could hope to hide.


Mason slowly increased the throttle on the bike.  The nearly overwhelming anxiousness tempered with caution.  It wouldn’t do him any good to race the five miles to the town, only to be shot before actually entering.  If it was an ambush, there were bound to be snipers, especially if mercs were involved. 


He could have bet money they were.  Bradbrek, wanted him dead for killing the squad who ambushed him in the forest.  Just one more enemy on a planet full of people, who either hated him, or wanted him dead.  The difference was, the merc commander had about three thousand troops to help him get revenge.  That many arrayed against him at once, would be a death sentence. 


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