Cowboy Wisdom: You can tell a lot about a man, not by his reputation, but by how he treats those around him.

This weeks blog goes out to President Trump.  Let me start off by saying, it isn’t said out of some sense of hate, but out of deep respect.  There are a few things I’m seeing, are looking kinda troubling.  You see, there’s a lot that goes into being a man or woman of character.  For one, you treat those around you with respect, regardless of how they treat you.  Second, be kind and compassionate to everyone you meet.  Hold some doors open for people, go out of your way to help someone in need.  Three, there ain’t no use in lying, cheating, or stealing.  Most of those things will get you in trouble.  Worse than that though, ain’t no one gonna trust you.   Fourth, you ain’t got to brag or be a bully.  I seen that in too many people, hell, sometimes when I was young, I did the same thing.  A great man once told me; “If you have to tell someone what you are, you ain’t it.”.  People will see you for what you are.  There ain’t no use in telling them.  As for being a bully, and trying to make people do what you want, well some time ago, I was told; “You get more flies with honey, than vinegar.”.  In my experience, both ring true.

Why do you think no one trusts politicians.  It’s because they lie, to America, on a daily basis.  Then they take what we earn, and do what they want with it.

Your reputation ain’t that great.  People make fun of you, and throw words at you.  There isn’t a man or woman alive, that likes having that happen.  The difference is, most people let it go.  You can’t seem to do that though.  Maybe, it’s time to let go of your pride.  Some things you do are great, some things are bad.  Just about like everyone in this life.  Thing is, what can you do to change it?  Like I said, this ain’t said in a spirit of being mean, but out of respect.  As I see it, humbly, sometimes people need to be told how they are.  Sure they get mad and upset, but somewhere in there, they start to think about it.  Then, they start realizing you weren’t being mean, but cared enough about them, to tell them the truth.

That’s what I hope you will do.  Everyone, actually.  We all need to be reminded every once in a while, that we can’t judge others, or ourselves, by our reputation, or how anyone looks on the outside.  We need to look deeper, look at what we, and they, do on a daily basis.  Maybe, just maybe, we could be more than a tad surprised at what we see.


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