LECROIX: Episode 5 Chapter 3 Preview


Mason Lecroix double checked the charges in his borrowed pistols and rifle, before replacing the pistols in their holsters, and rifle in the sling across his back.  With his weapons secure, he slowly crawled up the steep slope of the dune, hoping, he could get a view of the entrance without anyone outside noticing.  He hated the sand.  Hated how it seemed to wedge itself into even the smallest places.

Somehow, it even managed to find its way into the elbows of his shirt.  Shrugging off the sting of hot sand gouging into his elbow, he slowly crawled to the top of the dune.  He could only hope his pistols would still function after the sand bath they were receiving.  At least his rifle would stay clean strapped across his back. 

At the top, he removed his wide brimmed hat, before sticking his head up just enough to get a clear view of the mine entrance.  There he saw a pair of hover bikes sitting side-by-side under a make-shift shelter.  Someone was in there at least.  For a second, he thought about calling out for the trader to surrender. 

Most lawmen would.  Then again, he wasn’t most lawmen.  After taking a quick glance at the sky, trying to judge just how long it would be until nightfall, he decided to wait to make his move.  Wouldn’t be long until dark, or maybe too long depending on how much his would be partner, Lidamir, decided to talk. 

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