COWBOY WISDOM: Don’t judge a man by the clothes on his back, but more by the things he does.

You know, sometimes in life things get hard.  You fall down, get back up, and fall down again.  During those down times, the clothes on your back get worn and torn.  Though it all, the things that make you who you are, don’t change.  More likely, they can forge you into someone better, tougher, and more than a little smarter.  So why is it, when we see someone down on their luck, we think their less than us?  Is it our pride, or just that we don’t want to be reminded we could be just like them, if luck don’t run our way.  Most of those I’ve met who are down on their luck, well, they seem to be a whole lot friendlier than those men in fancy suits.

I’ve seen the homeless offer their last dollar to someone they didn’t know, while those with a lot to give pass by with their nose in the air.  Me, well, you see I’d like to help everyone down on their luck.  There’ve been times when I ain’t done so well in life.  Every time someone was there to help me up.  What kind of man would I be if I didn’t try and help someone else.   I ain’t preaching, no time for that.  Just kind of saying.

We judge people in how they look on the outside, and not what’s on the inside.  Ain’t it about time we got to changing that?

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Veteran and all around good ole cowboy

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