Cowboy Wisdom: When you reach for the stars, don’t forget to also hit your knees.


Sometimes in life, there comes a time when the stars seem within our grasp.  Even though we think we can grab them with both fists, we can’t forget who put them there in the first place.  To make it a bit more clear, I will explain what I mean.  Success is something great to achieve for anyone.  All too often when we get our coveted success, we forget who gave it to us in the first place.  More importantly we forget why God gave it to us.  He doesn’t give us any failure we can’t handle, or any success we don’t earn.  So when he reaches down to bless us, the least he expects is for us to use it to glorify Him.

The only way to know what he wants us to do with all the blessings he generously hands down, is for us to pray.  He will tell us what he thinks.  I have never seen Him be too shy about things.  Sounds kinda preachy I know.  It’s the hard truth though.  Most times, me included, it seems we only ask for things we want.  People don’t often stop to thank him for what he’s given us.  That is something everyone needs to stop and do from time-to-time.  We also need to keep our countries, leaders, and everyone else in our prayers.  I say everyone else because we all fight hidden demons.  Those things we keep locked away, and hope no one ever sees.  If we all get down on our knees sometimes, and spend a little time with God, just imagine the miracles we’d get to witness.  So to wrap it all up in my oft times too wordy way.  Go strive for success in everything you do, but don’t forget to pray and thank God and Jesus for loving you enough to give you the opportunity.

Until next time, God Bless ya’ll.

Published by gunfighterfiction

Veteran and all around good ole cowboy

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