LECROIX Episode 5 Chapter 2 Preview

Mason turned to see Mike disappear down to the other side of the bar.  From the looks of it, he wasn’t going to be the only one busy tonight.  From where Mike stood, listening to a busty blonde in a too tight, low cut top, he knew the man didn’t see him tip his hat in farewell.  Out of the crowded bar he sauntered, sure that his next stop would be the one to give him the information he needed.  It would just mean talking to Yav.  He already owed the so-called slave so much, he wondered how he would ever repay him.  By what he’d already seen, being a slave to Valentine had its advantages.  Yav had apparently become adept at reading Valentine’s mind, without the damned Governor being any the wiser.  There were two times recently when the alien surprised him with information.  With the deck stacked against him, he hoped this would make three. 

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