LECROIX Episode 5 Chapter 1 Preview

Even in the corrupt atmosphere of New Beginnings, someone running from the law was shunned. Here it seemed as if the people had a far different mentality. Almost as if the citizens of Providence chose to mind their own business, rather than get involved. To him it felt like a blessing in disguise. A slick, grease covered tiled floor made running impossible. Spurred on by a mix of fear and adrenaline, they slipped and slid their way through the kitchen. Lynch made sure to keep the wire racks full of pots and pans between them and the door.  He figured the less they were seen the better. Waiters and waitresses were one thing he couldn’t help, but with any luck, they would be able to escape before the deputies were alerted.

Published by gunfighterfiction

Veteran and all around good ole cowboy

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