Episode 4 for sale Jan. 2017

Chapter 1 Preview:

Lynch breathed a heavy sigh as he sat at his desk.  It never ceased to amaze him just how competent the kid really was.  He could only guess that it came from being a Ranger.  After all the Rangers did have a reputation for being some tough competent bastards.  It took a strong man to wander the galaxy alone, hunting down the most dangerous fugitives.  He was just glad Lecroix was on his side.  He forgot about having called Keach until the door to the jail slid open revealing the old preacher wearing a tattered jacket and disheveled hair.

Chapter 2 Preview:

One more annoyance, that made two for the day and he had just woken up.  Valentine had the feeling it was going to be a frustrating day.  Oon was just one more mistake in a series of escalating bad decisions.  He had made the low life drifter the planetary magistrate, yet now the scum wanted to pinch him for credits.  At least Oon could be bought off; it was more than he could say for the damned Ranger Lecroix and now confident Lynch.  Those two he should have put in the ground before it reached this point.  As for Oon, he would pay him off; then he would bury him.  Maybe the next magistrate would be far more understanding of who ran the planet.

Stay tuned for more exciting previews in the coming weeks.

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